What Are The Top Five WordPress Plugins For Every WordPress Website

On many of the WordPress tutorials and news sites, there are several great discussions you have seen about What are the Top five WordPress Plugins for every WordPress website. People often focus on plugins, which are specifically for readability and maintenance of backend of their site. This is because that ignoring the maintenance of a site might not just leave your stale and rarely used, yet also make into the much less visited site. Devoid of proper precautions, your site may quickly be filled with spam contents, which perform worse or poorly yet, turn out to be vulnerable to hackers that eventually results in downtime. Therefore, your site will get an opportunity to lose the visitors as well as potential customers. So, here is the basic list of top 5 WordPress plugins, which must be installed on each and every site:

Also, these plugins cover some of the most important plugin categories such as:

  • Backup
  • Social sharing
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Administrative Area

Top 5 WordPress Plugins:

Do you want to know “What are the Top five WordPress Plugins for every WordPress website”? If so, go through the given below article.

WP DB Backup: WP DB Backup enables you to backup the database tables of your WordPress as easy as possible. You can also back up several other tables within the same database. Regarding this plugin, the coolest thing is that you could able to schedule your backups and even, have them happened with no lifting a finger. As it is super lightweight and also easy to use, you may have them by saving on email to your inbox or server.

Admin Menu Editor: Being a WordPress plugin, Admin Menu Editor will enable you to edit the dashboard menu manually. You can also reorder the menus, change access rights, slow or hide specific items, and much more. It is recommended to have a better understanding of the WP internals as the plugin would still be a bit hard around the edges. This is found to be great in case you are a developer who hands over the site to your clients. You will able to reorder the menu of admin area with an intention to make it a lot more user-friendly. You can also hide certain developer options, which are not needed by them, and adjust the website too.

Twitter Facebook Social Share: By using this plugin, it is now easy and effective for you to integrate the essential social share buttons such as Twitter, Stumbleupon, Facebook, and Google plus one in three different styles and position. The reason behind its best-selling is the place of javascript into the code that is needed by those social share buttons. As the biggest sin, many of the development will locate the call to script in which they load the javascript or display the plugin in the header. Even though you have used it on over 100 sites, you will never get a conflict.

All in One SEO Pack: There are several WordPress SEO plugins available and most of them will be quite useful tools to drive more traffic towards your website. Even though you may come across many of them, you can find All in One SEO Pack Plugin, which works the best and also very easy to implement and manage as well. It will create meta tags for each and every page in addition to posting a breeze. If you would like to spend a few more pennies, you can upgrade to the Pro Version from the free version by just spending 40 dollars. Without any doubt that it will add more powerful features to your website.

MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer: If a blog pings, several background processes may happen that makes your blog indexed by the search engines as quickly as it can. Furthermore, it will bring more traffic from several other sources. Whenever you post a fresh topic in your blog, the default WordPress pings. In addition, you should also understand that WordPress pings when you edit or update any of the existing posts. The WordPress would send 10 pings in case you edit any post 10 times. Regardless of changes you have made, WordPress often pings whenever you make any edition.

Now, you have been well-informed about What are the Top five WordPress Plugins for every WordPress website. So, make your choice wisely to get better ranking in the search engines.


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