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What if you could only discuss politics using Bollywood references? Imagine talking about the Gujarat election — only with the help of chartbusters, old and new!

When Bollywood meets politics.

We put some of Gujarat’s top RJs to the task! Here’s a look at the question paper if you want to take the test.

Round 1: What If Politicians Could Only Speak to Each Other Through Bollywood Songs?

If Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are stuck in the same room, what would they be crooning to each other? How would Hardik Patel respond if Rahul sings, “Aao na, gale lagalo na” to him? And if Modiji is worried, which song would Amit Shah pick to reassure the PM?



Socho, socho.

Round 2: Song Dedications for Election Issues

From GST to healthcare, education to unemployment, pick a song for each of the biggest issues defining this Gujarat election.



How any true Bollywood fan would react.

Round 3: In Filmy Style, Ask Everyone in Gujarat to #GoVote!

All you folks in Gujarat, make sure you go and vote this December? It’s a once-in-five-years opportunity, and it’s free! Come polling day, we hope you are this excited to exercise your franchise.




Video Editor: Ashish Maccune

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